Mavericks 2016

February 4, 2016
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February 4, 2016 Gary Bridges

Mavericks 2016

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Double Yellow Line

Mavericks Double Yellow Line

Spectacular is not a big enough word for the whole Mavericks scene—especially when the big swells attract best-in-the-world surfers. On February 4, 2015, the waves were huge, and 60 of the best surfers on the planet showed up.

Gary Bridges, Mavericks 23

Mavericks 23

Thanks to the Super Bowl that weekend, the annual competition didn’t happen.

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Kanagawa Hokusai

Mavericks Kanagawa Hokusai

So there we were. Great surfing, great weather, virtually no crowd, and great photo opportunities.

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Walk Right In

Mavericks Walk Right In

The serious photographers arrived early.

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Photographers

Mavericks Photographers


Gary Bridges, Mavericks Long Shot

Mavericks Long Shot

With another 10-15 photographers on the water—personal watercraft, charter boats—the action was well-photographed from every angle.

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Seal Rockin'

Mavericks Sail Rockin’

Thanks to a low tide around 1:30 pm–that coincided with several sets of enormous swells and ridiculously steep wave faces–there was another perspective . . .

As an athlete, now more and more former, I have the highest regard for the world-class men and women who live for surf, adventure, and the self-discovery that accompanies the lifestyle.

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Drop In Drop Out

Mavericks Big Air Kick Out


Gary Bridges, Mavericks Three Green

Mavericks Three Green

I talked with one of the Titans at the end of the day. “Best surf in four years . . .”

Then we had a beer.

If you surfed that day, drop me an email—I’ll send you a set of photos. I’ve got another hundred or so.  All more surfer-oriented than these wide shots for the public.

Thanks for reading.  See you on Friday Feb 12.  Oughta’ be an epic.

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Set of Threes

Mavericks Set of Threes

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Down the Face

Mavericks Down the Face

Gary Bridges, Mavericks Water Wall

Mavericks Water Wall




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