Small and medium-business owners routinely miss out on business opportunities because their websites have not been updated for months, even years.  Busy potential customers view company websites for only a few seconds, and often on small screens of smartphones and other portable devices.

Visual images are a big part of the decision making process for these customers, who will leave your web site quickly if they are not attracted to your content or your images.

If your web site needs work, Gary Bridges Photography provides a single point of contact for establishing or modernizing your website.  Beginning with a half hour free consultation, you will be guided through the development of a plan for creating/updating your web site. Then, if you wish to proceed, we create custom images needed to support your site.

And if you need help on content development or website design, we’ll handle that with our associates.

If desired, we will act as point person for your entire website project.  You tell us what you want and we create it, in close collaboration with you or other decision makers in your company.

The end result will be a fresh, scalable web site that attracts the customers you want.  

Our prices are reasonable — click here for a quote.